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Indian Recipe Chinese Style

Traditional Indian recipe uses plenty of choicest spices grown in this subcontinent - to add taste and as a preservative. You will find that some spices served multiple roles as stimulants, carminative,diuretic and digestive agents.

Most of the Indian meat recipes call for hours of marination with freshly ground chilies and cooked in liberal quantities of freshly extracted coconut milk. One famed branch of south Indian recipes - Chettinad - in the interiors of rural Tamil nadu - extensively uses some of the hottest indian spices to make delectable meat dishes.

The key to many Indian recipes is the use of spices. Many indian meat dishes depend on the spices to flavor,soften,colorize and to add aroma. Thus Indian recipes generally are cooked over low fire,marinated and sauted in spicy juices for hours.Chinese recipes in this part of the world prefer fast stir fried meats and vegetables - retaining most of the color and texture of the ingredients.

When you add the features of both the methods - well cooked meat smothered in spices and mixed with stir-fried fresh vegetables - you get a heady mixture of incredibly tasty food. Chicken Manchurien is one of them - the regular chinese type chicken recipe - with the addition of indian spices - chilies and served along with sliced bell pepper and sprigs of chinese parsley.

Mutton Biriyani is probably the most preferred food of choice for any grand occasion in India. Basmati rice cooked with large portions of meat, spiced with a wide range of ingredients from saffron to ground cashew nuts doused in coconut milk will be relished by all.

A complete south Indian meal consists of 6 course meal symbolizing the 6 taste palate - Main course - of carefully cooked rice served with varieties of curries. The meal will include meats of various species - Goat,birds,fish,shrimp and of course a wide variety of vegetables.

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Mutton for biriyani

Prawns sauted in spices
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Indian Recipe Chinese Style