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We invite you to explore India - the Land with infinite beauty ! Whether you soar high into Himalayas or peer under the ruins of the Ancient monuments dotting the landscape of India, you will cherish the experience long after your visit ! This India Travel Guide is free from any commercial interest! This site is dedicated to promote India - the vast subcontinent, its glorious past, magnificent landscape and its infinite variety.

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India Travel Guide - Our India Travel Guide takes a look at different facets of traveling in India. Explore India and discover the richness of this ancient land.

Karnataka Tourism - Nestled between the Western and Eastern Ghats, Deccan Plateau and the Sea Coast, Karnataka offers plenty of tourist locales. Check out tourism in Karnataka - from virgin beaches to emerald coffee plantations, from ancient architectural marvels to temple towns.

Temples in Dwarka - Considered one of the revered pilgrim spots in India, especially by the Vaishnav sect, Dwarka is located by the sea in Jamnagar district of Gujarat. Read up more about the legend and lore that surround the temples in Dwarka.

Temples in Mathura and Vrindavan - Mathura and Vrindavan hold special significance to Hindus, especially the followers of Lord Krishna. The various temples here are associated with the birth and childhood of Lord Krishna..

Badrinath - The temple at Badrinath is revered as Lord Vishnu is believed to be the supreme god of those of the Vaishnavite persuasion of Hinduism. This temple is colorful and reflective of the Buddhist architecture in the area.

Kedarnath - Kedarnath is close to the Indo-China border on the Garhwal Range and is the most remote among the Char Dham. Built in the 8th century by Adi Shankaracharya, the present-day temple at Kedarnath stands next to the older temple - said to be built by the Pandavas.

Gangotri - Gangotri is the holy destination that embodies the origins of the holiest of Indian rivers, the Ganga. Built in white granite, the temple at Gangotri stands resplendent amidst the snow-capped mountains of the Garhwal Hills.

Yamunotri - Yamunotri is believed to be the point of origin of the river Yamuna and the shrine here is dedicated to the goddess Yamuna. Typically a Char Dham yatra begins with a visit to Yamunotri.

Char Dham - The Char Dham constitute perhaps four of India's most holy destinations. Embodied in spiritual beliefs and ancient mysticism, these four shrines are a must visit for a true believer and a definite must see on the itinerary of a traveller who wishes to explore his or her spiritual side.

Indian Temples - The temples of India are fascinating embodiments of architecture, art, culture and religion. They are indicative of the culture of a region, its rich history and traditions. Exploring the innumerable temples of India is no simple task, and that's why it might help to arm yourself with these temple basics.

Jim Corbett National Park - An ecotourism destination, the Jim Corbett Wildlife Park contains around 488 different species of plants and a wide variety of fauna. The park is home to the most prestigious and extinct Royal Bengal Tigers, One-horned Rhinoceros, Spotted Deer, Wild Boars and is a birdwatcher's delight.

Ladakh - Charming and lively little green hamlets with their wild roses and lavender edging the Indus River for miles add to the beauty of Ladakh. Check out trekking and other adventure sports in the picturesque Ladakh region.

Kalimpong Travel - Nestled between Gangok and Siliguri, Kalimpong offers a quiet and relaxed holiday, against the backdrop of the Kanchenjunga. Look up various places of tourist attraction and activities in Kalimpong.

White Water Rafting India - From the Garhwal and Kumaon region of Uttaranchal to Brahmaputra and Teesta in the Eastern Himalayas, river rafting trips in India are very popular with beginners and professionals alike. The meandering course of these rivers through rocky stream-beds and then breaking into shiny, frothy, white rapids offer every level of challenge in white water rafting.

Vishakapatnam - Visakapatnam is a city of cultural and religious diversity. In addition to the tourist spots in the city, don't miss the Arukku valley that is home to the ancient Borra Caves.

Hoysala Temples - Hoysala Temples built during the eleventh century are incredibly beautiful with their exquisite stone carvings and highly intricate friezes. This page is a tribute to the masterpiece of their poetry cast in stone.

Sea Fish in India - India has over 2 million square kilometers of Sea with a potential annual catch of around 5 million tons of sea food. We cover some of the most popular fish available in the Indian coast here.

Dental Tourism in India - Thousands of people from USA, Europe and other parts of the world fly to India every year seeking dental treatment. Cheaper dental implant procedures and reliable treatment are the factors that tip the scales in favor of India as a preferred destination for dental tourism.

Medical Tourism in India - Like many countries, India also promotes medical tourism through government's official policy. Low-cost jet rates combined with affordable health care in developing countries like India has enabled people to go beyond borders for elective procedures and complex surgeries.

Relocating to India - Many Indians are considering relocating to India, what with opening of global job markets and accessibility to an international lifestyle. Peruse this checklist for the factors to be considered and looked into.

Non Vegetarian Recipes - Ebook - This page offers a Free Ebook on Non vegetarian recipes - from Mutton Biryani to Fish Gravy. The recipes are traditional South Indian kind influenced by Moghalaya Kings.

Karnataka Cuisine - Karnataka has a diversity of cuisines based on regional specialties and traditional dishes of each community. The ingredients, taste and the flavor of the Karnataka cuisine are unique and versatile.

Pandi Curry Coorg Pork Curry - This traditional pork curry is an intrinsic part of Kodagu cusine. Look for ingredients that add a special flavor.

Kadumbuttu Rice Dumplings - These simple rice dumplings are best eaten steaming hot. Spicy pork curry or fish curry goes well with kadumbuttu.

Pathrode Steamed Rolls - This dish is typical of south Karnataka district. Rolls of colocaesia leaves are smeared with coconut-based masala and steamed.

Akki Rotti Crunchy Rice Rottis - Akki rottis or rice rottis are eaten with spicy fish curry or typical Karnataka masala dishes.

Kosumbari Nutritious Salad - This nutritious salad is quick and easy to make. Try crunchy kosumbari with your meal or as a snack.

Beaches of Karnataka - All the beaches form a unique continuity with lush green and naturally attractive vegetation propagating the opulence of nature in Karnataka. Take a peek at the beaches of Karwar, Murudeshwar, Maravanthe and Malpe.

Vijaydurg - Sindhudurg - Vijaydurg-Sindhudurg beaches offer a tranquil and striking coastal view of the Konkan coastline. Typical Malvani fish curry and solkadhi are special dishes that no visitor should miss.

Murud Janjira - Murud is a serene fishing village with a striking sea-shore and irregular wooden cottages. Plan a short trip to this haven of coconut palms, betel palms and casuarinas groves.

Ganapatipule Beach - Located on the Konkan coast, the pristine beach of Ganapatipule boasts of tranquil, unpolluted, and serene surroundings. Check out details on this hitherto untouched tourist spot.

Hyderabad Travel - Hyderabad is a blend of the ancient tradition and modern growth. Growth in the sectors of information technology, ITES and biotechnology has made it one of the country’s prominent cities.

Maharashtrian Wedding - Maharashtrian weddings are simple functions. Read up on typical Maharashtrian wedding clothes, wedding feasts and functions.

Punjabi Wedding - Punjabi weddings are elaborate events, marked by singing and dancing. Punjabi wedding feasts are elaborate and involve many a rich delicacy.

Kashmiri Weddings - This informative article acquaints you with various rituals and functions associated with Kashmiri wedding, be it Kashmiri Hindu weddings or Muslim nikahs.

Marwari Wedding - Weddings are very elaborate in the Marwari community, wedding rituals stretching for days on end. Marwari wedding feast is a purely vegetarian affair.

Oriya Wedding - This article outlines the customs and rituals associated with an Oriya wedding. The first invitation card is placed at the feet of Lord Jagannath at Puri.

Tamil Wedding - This article takes a look at the gaiety and splendor of typical Tamil weddings.

Telugu Wedding - The customs for a Telugu wedding are unique. Telugu weddings are performed by a purohit and are usually held in the evenings as they follow the lunar calendar.

Indian Muslim Wedding - Grandeur, pomp, splendor and sumptuous spreads mark most Indian Muslim weddings. Muslim weddings are less ritualistic but have imbibed some regional flavors too.

Malayalee Wedding - Simplicity and brevity mark a typical malayalee wedding. Check out the elaborate wedding feast or sadya.

Kannada Wedding - As such there are various communities in Karnataka and the wedding rituals followed by each of these communities are typically different. Check out some common features of most Kannada weddings.

Bengali Wedding - A traditional Bengali wedding includes a number of interesting colorful ceremonies strongly imbibed in customs, traditions and religious beliefs.

Gujrathi Wedding - Gujrathi weddings are colorful events, rich with traditional bridal finery and tasty delicacies of the region. From the spicy namkeens to variety of sweets, Gujrathi cuisine is rich and varied.

Sindhi Wedding - Customary Sindhi weddings have numerous colorful customs that make for an interesting and enjoyable event. Sindhis love to dress well and what better time than Sindhi weddings to bring out the best.

Great Living Chola Temples - The great living Chola temples are found at Thanjavur, Gangaikondacholisvaram and Darasuram. They speak volumes of the Chola dynasty and their love for art and architecture.

Lakshadweep - Lakshadweep is a gateway to a refreshingly tranquil life, with crystal clear waters, sparkling coral reefs and blue lagoons. Enjoy the caressing murmur of the waves and enjoy the beauty of Lakshadweep Island.

Pattadakal - Famous for its blend of Chalukyan architecture, Pattadakal was also the spot for royal coronation. The site has nearly six temples that are today part of the UNESCO world heritage site.

Mussoorie - With its snow-clad mountain peaks, pine and cedar forests and pristine natural surroundings, Mussoorie promises to be a welcome holiday in the lap of nature.

Nainital - Nainital is a scenic hill town in the Kumaon range and offers plenty of tourist and sporting opportunities for tourists. In fact Nainital finds mention even in ancient Indian mythology.

Nandadevi - The natural beauty of the Nandadevi and Valley of Flowers National Park has made people liken it to the abode of the Gods. This place is a nature lovers' delight!

Bandipur National Park - Located in southern Karnataka at the foothills of the Western Ghats, Bandipur National Park is a veritable paradise for wildlife. This national park is one among the nine reserves established under Project Tiger.

Agra Fort - Agra Fort made of red sandstone stands proudly on the banks of the Yamuna River is an excellent blend of Hindu and Islamic architecture.

Konark Sun Temple - The colossal Konark Sun temple lies as a magnificent testimony of the architects of an earlier period. Intricate sculptural work is the hallmark of the architectural splendor of the Konark Temple.

Qutb Minar - Qutb Minar is the tallest brick minaret in the world and a great example of Indo-Islamic architecture. The Qutb minar stands as majestic tower heralding a tale of success and pride.

Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park - Champaner-Pavagadh archeological park has established a position in the list of world heritage sites declared by UNESCO in 2004.

Sundarbans National Park - Sundarbans National Park is the world's largest estuarine forest and home to tigers, birds, reptiles and invertebrate species, including the salt-water crocodile.

Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus - Scores of people pass through Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus at Mumbai paying little head to the rich architectural style. The Victoria terminus as it is still often referred to is a symbol of Gothic architecture in Mumbai.

Humayun's Tomb India - Humayun's tomb is a great portrayal of Mughal architecture. Little wonder that it has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1993.

North India Travel - Information about North India, North India Travel and various destinations in Northern parts of India.

South India Travel - Explore the exciting places in South India by Travelling in South India and venture in to the Tropical paradise called Western Ghats.

East India Travel - Information on East India, East India Travel and some of the tourist destination in Eastern India.

West India Travel - A detailed information about various places in the western parts of India.

India Travel Tips - Tips and Traps to Travelers and Tourists who visit India.Feast on the exotic sites of the East.Add spice to your travel itinerary.

India Heritage Tour - Walk through the ancient ruins to discover the historic past of Delhi - probably one of the few places where you can see the glory of a past Empire set against the backdrop of a burgeoning modern capital of a country - one billion people strong.

Agra - A trip to Agra obviously centers on a visit to the Taj Mahal, an exquisite poetry in marble. Read this interesting article to help plan your Agra trip.

Shimla - Dont miss the splendour and grace of the colonial era in Shimla. Though it throngs with visitors in summer, the regal grandeur of the mountains is untouched.

Shimla Train - Want to take a ride in a century old mountain train snaking through one of the most amazing breathtaking views of the Himalayas ? Take the toy train and play hide and seek in 107 tunnels carved out of mountains.

Himalaya Mountain View - This page offers a brief introduction to Himachal Pradesh, the himalayan state within India. It is not all snow capped mountains in this part of the world, as you will soon discover.

God in Himalaya Mountains - One of the most popular Himalayan regions is Kullu Valley because of its amazing view of the snow capped peaks and the deepest valleys. Explore Kullu and Manali in this page.

Himalaya Trekking - Check out the ultimate experience about Himalaya Trekking from come2india.org

South India Tour - This page offers a brief glimpse into the southern part of India. It is one of the series of articles about South India Tour and Travelling in South India.

Alappuzha (alleppey) - Palm fringed canals, lazy lagoons and water locked towns - Allepey boasts of this and more! Trekkers, wildlife enthusiasts and those looking for a quiet holiday would love the tranquil beauty of Alappuzha.

Bannerghatta National Park - Bannerghatta National Park offers a magnificent view of the animals in their natural habitat. Take a Lion Safari or elephant ride to see them in close quarters.

Coorg - Medikeri - Mercara - This page offers a brief glimpse at the idyllic unique hill station called variously as Coorg,Mercara and Medikeri. From its checkered history to its people you will find rich details in this article.

Infant Jesus Shrine - This article is about the Shrine of Infant Jesus in Bangalore and the prayers. It is part of the collection of articles about Roman catholic shrines in India.

Kabini Resort - Check out details on Kabini, a wonderful forest retreat just a few hours from Bangalore and Mysore. With lush greener, plenty of animals and the Kabini river, tourists to Kabini can look forward to a blissful holiday destination.

Kerala Tourism - Kerala tourism is gaining in popularity, as the state has become an international tourist destination. For those seeking the idyllic backwaters, magnificent hill stations or ayurvedic relief from stress, Kerala offers a rejuvenating experience.

Kodaikanal - Awake to misty mornings in Kodaikanal to catch a spectacular view of the mountain slopes covered in foamy mist. Picturesque lake, enthralling waterfalls, woody trekking paths and grassy mountain slopes - Kodaikanal offers it all.

Kumarakom Backwaters - Kumarakom is indeed nature's perfect magic spot, with idyllic backwaters and enjoyable boating experiences. Kumarakom resorts offer luxurious and well appointed rooms and cottages.

Hampi - Visit the ancient ruins of Hampi to experience poetry in stone - remnants of the bygone era of the Vijayanagar Empire.

Mangalore - An interesting article that outlines the simple yet verdant and beautiful region of Mangalore city. Read about its cuisine and its famous medical college.

Munnar - If you are seeking sprawling tea plantations, winding lanes, exotic trekking locales, mesmerizing greenery and calm ambience, head for Munnar.

Mysore Palace - Mysore is a city basking in the glory of past Kings and their magnificent palaces.

Silent Valley - The silent valley in Kerala offers ecological biodiversity in its pristine condition. If you are looking for an adventure trail or trekking place, head to Silent Valley.

Wayanad - Wayanad in Kerala is a popular tourist destination for those seeking a peaceful holiday or rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments. Enjoy the splendor of nature's bounty in the variety of flora and fauna found here.

Darjeeling - Darjeeling is famous not only for its superior variety of tea but also scenic trekking spots and other tourist spots.

Sikkim - Snow-clad Kanchenjunga, lakes, hills, monasteries, Gangtok has everything to lure tourists. A holiday in Sikkim promises to be a memorable one.

Dalhousie - The charm of Dalhousie lies in its suave sophistication and the Old World elegance of the British era. Learn more about Dalhousie Travel so that you can make your travel plans accordingly.

Khajuraho India - Read on the temple carvings at Khajuraho. Find out how you can get there and how to plan a travel itinerary.

Goa Holidays - Goa holidays promise to be fun-filled, with sandy beaches, Portuguese past and local cuisine. Little wonder that this beach destination finds favor with local and interantional tourists.

St.Francis Xavier - Discover the miracles of St.Francis Xavier and the exposition of his sacred relic every 10 years.

Mount Abu - Mount Abu is a pleasant hill retreat and green oasis in Rajasthan in the stark desert landscape of Rajasthan. The famous Dilwara temples carved in white marble are a major tourist attraction.

Jaipur India - Jaipur in India is rich with architectural marvels, reminiscent of the royalty and grandeur of Rajasthan. Check out the tourist attractions and hotels in Jaipur.

Ajmer - Ajmer is a quaint blend of Hindu and Muslim influences on account of it's many rulers. The Ajmer Sharif darga and the Brahma Temple are revered places of worship.

Udaipur India - Charming lakes and enchanting palaces dot the landscape of Udaipur. Find out more on tourist attractions built by the royal family of Udaipur.

Statistics on India - Some interesting facts and figures about India are presented here as part of the extensive collection of articles about India. These statistics on India throw light on this diverse land.

India Tourism - Get the various information about Tourism in India from India Travel Guide.

Travelling in India - offers extensive tips about travelling in India - Discover the land of ancient culture,rich flora and fauna.

Colombo Sri Lanka - A holiday in Sri Lanka promises sandy long beaches, hills rich with tea plantations, ancient cities rooted in history, teeming bird life and royal heritage. Don't miss the Buddhist temples.

Photo Gallery of India - This page features India through a photo gallery.

Mountain Trains of India - A journey through the Mountain Trains of India can be romantic, chugging your way up the mountains through deep valleys and long tunnels carved out of the mountains.

Indian Recipe Chinese Style - Indian recipes flavored with subcontinent spices cooked in chinese style - a free ebook.

Indian Bridal Jewelry - This article throws light on different items of Indian Bridal Jewelry. Different regions have their own unique jewelry styles and patterns.

Indian Dance - Gain an insight into the power of traditional Indian dance - it is the primordial rhythm of life.

Essential Indian Spices - Learn all about Indian spices and their usage tips.

Touring India in Royal Enfield Bullet - Find out the thrills and chills about touring India in Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle.

Facts and Figures of Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle - Get the entire facts and figures of Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle from there engine to weight.

Deccan Prawns - Delicious Prawn recipe from the spice-laden South India. For More of these mouthwatering recipes using Spices.

Diwali Greetings - Exchanging diwali greetings and diwali gifts on this occasion.

Diwali Shopping - With Deepavali round the corner, it is that time of the year when everyone is caught up in the Diwali shopping fever. Diwali gift ideas are available aplenty, for every taste and budget.

Diwali Festival of Light - Diwali - the festival of lights will be here soon and Indians all over will be looking forward to the moments of celebration and festivity. Be it diwali rangolis, diyas, sweets and gifts, Deepavali brings it own special cheer.

Rangoli - The Indian Rangoli designs are a reminder of some of our quaint customs. From the south Indian kolam to the Bengali alpana, Rangoli patterns are attractive and inviting.

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